Things To Do Before You Move

Okay, so you are moving. You are probably dreading packing everything perfectly so nothing will get damaged. Don’t forget that the best moving companies can pack up your entire home and unpack it for you at your new place. The following is a list of some things to do before you move that you may not have thought of:

One Month Before You Move: Take the time to cancel any recurring subscription services or notify them of your expected move and your new address. If you don’t, those recurring charges will continue to post to your credit card until you finally notice and cancel. It’s important to get a jump on canceling at least a month before because many subscription type services require a 30-day notice.

Three Weeks Before You Move: The California Department of Motor Vehicles advises people to closely manage their auto insurance during a move. States have varying levels of mandatory coverage so it is important that you comply with the law. Even if you remain in the same state or even the same city, rates can differ depending on your zip code and address. So it is important to call your car insurance company before your move to find out the deadlines for updating coverage and coverage rates at your new address.

At Least One Week Before You Move: Even though you are able to change your address online with the postal service, you should do so as early as possible to ensure that you will receive your forwarded mail when you move in.

Although this is not a comprehensive list of all of the things that you need to do before your move, it should get you thinking about what you will need to do. The time leading up to a move can be stressful but it does not have to be. If you are moving in the San Jose area, contact All Reasons Moving for assistance with your move.

Home Moving: Fragrances – Part 1

An Unexpected Home Moving Productivity Tool

Home Moving can be stressful for the entire family. It doesn’t matter what your situation. Single or have children. Have a three thousand square foot home or one-bedroom apartment. Moving across town or over to the next county. Sometimes all the excitement and build up you feel prior to a move can vanish into anxiety, exhaustion and overwhelm.

Besides getting organized and planning your home moving project, what else can you do to support yourself? Why not include some pleasant fragrances in your environment? It can make the moving process (move prep, packing and unpacking) all little more enjoyable? You might even find yourself– and those who are helping you — with more energy, increased productivity, and an improved mood!

When enjoying my home or office environment, I know that lighting a scented candle or plugging in an automatic air freshener can help me relax. My mother told me that one of her tricks to welcome my father home at night after a hard day’s work was to brown onions and garlic on the stove. It didn’t matter what was for dinner! The smell immediately offered a calming, relaxing effect.

The Science Behind Fragrance & Mood

If you think this sounds manipulative, well, I guess you’d be right. In fact, scientific and market studies show that humans are extremely malleable when it comes to fragrance. The International Flavors & Fragrances  Inc. (IFF) is dedicated to researching fragrance trends and consumer insights. For example, a company changed only the fragrance ingredient of a shampoo. Consumers who tested the shampoo claimed that it was far superior in every category (gentler, better rinsing, shinier hair, etc.). Companies regularly spray scents into the air to help achieve certain moods and productivity standards.

Home Moving & Fragrance

So, do you want a happy move, a happy family, happy kids and productive helpers? Maybe some pumpkin pie scent would help. There’s no harm in adding a little spice to the atmosphere! Important Note: we do not encourage using candles or other fragrances requiring a flame during a home move. We suggest using plug-in diffusers or sprays. There are many natural sprays that do not use aerosols, if that concerns you.

Next time: Which fragrance for which purpose?

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Potions Galore


Moving Efficiently with your Family, Friends or Pros – Part Two

Moving Efficiently: Tips for Organizing a Move

Welcome to Part II of Moving Efficiently. A little bit of pre-planning will help you organize your move. Whether family, friends, or hired moving professionals, no one wants to waste his or her time. It may sound a little self-serving to say “get the most from your helpers.” The truth is that people who help you will be happier when your  pre-planning saves them time and frustration.

People want to feel needed. They want to know that their time spent has made a difference. So do yourself and your helpers a favor by planning ahead for moving.

Last time we recommended assigning people to manage the specific tasks, including team leads who are responsible for supplies and food. This time we focus on how to stage work so that when help arrives, they can carry out their focused tasks quickly and efficiently.

1. What you must do first.

By now you’ve already decided whether you will have (or have had) a garage sale. There should be no trash in any closet or drawer. If there are items not moving with you, get them out of the way. The goal is to have your  helpers focus on packing anything they see. It’s a time waster if something gets packed when it shouldn’t.  And vice versa.

2. Have supplies at the ready.

By this point, you’ve assigned the task of purchasing moving supplies. On move day, their job is to make sure that every room is equipped with enough boxes, paper, tape and markers. That way an entire room can be packed quickly and efficiently. It’s frustrating for your moving helpers to have to rummage and search for scissors, a misplaced Sharpie marker, or run out of moving boxes.

3. Stage the work.

Direct your assistants where to focus. We recommend packing the least needed items first, and the most needed items last. This serves two purposes:

  • You will have access to your more needed items for the longest time, and
  • Your most needed items will be packed onto the moving truck last and will be unloaded first.

Label drawers or closet shelves so that people will know where to focus on packing first. When everyone knows their assignments, you’ll find the work gets done faster and you’ll save energy. You’ll need it… for when you unpack!

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Moving Efficiently with Family, Friends & Pros – Part One

Tips for Organizing and Moving Efficiently

Moving a home can be very stressful. Whether you’re organizing a team of family members or if you’ve hired pros like us, a move takes coordination. Chances are you won’t be performing every moving task on your own. You’ll be assigning tasks to your moving team. Many of us are not familiar with project or task management. Here are some tips to help you make your move more efficient.

Assign Team Leaders to Manage Certain Areas.

Even children can be responsible for some jobs. Moving can be a traumatic process. Making them feel part of the team can help. A huge time-waster is people standing around not sure how they can help. Or worse, having multiple movers doing a task that should only take one person.

Make a list of jobs and who is responsible. Then, tape it in a prominent place so your moving team can refer to it without having to bother you, the move manager.

1. Supplies Manager.

Not being able to quickly and easily find supplies is one of the biggest time wasters during a move. Several days or a week prior to move day assign someone purchase needed supplies. We recommend having these moving supplies on hand:

  • scissors
  • box cutters
  • strong tape and dispensers
  • Sharpie pens or other permanent markers
  • disposable cameras
  • extra moving boxes

Add anything to this list you think you might need and make sure you have enough. We recommend setting up a supply area in each room. That way each moving helper can manage himself.

If you don’t hire professional movers to supply wrapping paper and other moving supplies, you will need to use one of our handy charts to determine how many of which kind of boxes and how much paper you will need.

2. Food & Water Manager.

Moving is an extremely labor-intensive, tiring… okay, an exhausting job. Not only are you using your body intensively, often mental fatigue accompanies moving as you sift through precious belongings, making myriad decisions about them moment by moment. You need to keep up your and your team’s strength, and most importantly, stay hydrated. Assign one person (who can drive) to be responsible for maintaining a food and hydration table in a centrally located place. This person can also arrange for lunches and dinners between packing duties.

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Moving A Home Efficiently Tip: Add Music

Use Fun, Upbeat Music to Increase Home Moving Efficiency & Foster a Better Mood

Moving a home is generally known to be a stressful time. It is a time of renewal, change, discarding the old, and moving into the new and uncertain. The sheer physical requirements of moving a home are tiring. Now add the emotional component. It isn’t surprising that you may feel overwhelmed and exhausted when dealing with all the loose ends related to moving.

Why think about music during a home move?

Human beings are drawn to rhythm and music in widely varying forms the world over, from infancy until old age. Music brightens our world. It lifts our spirits and can change our outlook on things. It can calm, invigorate, inspire or make one nostalgic. Music is a universal language. And you can use it to your advantage during a home move.

Our advice: Put on some tunes!

When faced with a particularly distasteful moving task, like cleaning out the garage or basement, grab your iPod or your mini-speakers. Hook them up to your laptop or other favorite music system. If you have internet access, Pandora offers a way to build your own radio station with endless variety.

Blast it out! A lively salsa, peppy jazz, or just some good old fashioned rock ‘n roll will do wonders to keep your feet moving, your mind occupied with happier thoughts, and decision-making (as in what to throw out!) a breeze.

At All Reasons Moving we understand the human side of the home moving experience. Our clients aren’t robots; neither are their friends who are often on hand to help. Like plenty of good food and water, keep your movers happy and productive with rollicking tunes. After all, many companies play background music to inspire certain paces and behaviors. For example, visitors to Disneyland are hard-pressed to find a corner of the park unattended by peppy, upbeat chords. Is there any reason your home moving experience shouldn’t be at least as pleasant as the music at Disneyland?

At the final moving destination, be sure your tunes are within easy reach, too. They should be among the first thing you unpack. It’ll keep your mind clear, your feet moving and your face smiling.

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Home Moving Tips – Trash, Donate or Sell?

DonationWhether hiring a professional moving company or inviting friends and family to help with your move, there are some things that only you can do before anyone arrives to help. Because what you are moving belongs to you, only you are qualified to make the decisions needed about what to move. Begin with the end in mind and consider these options:

Donate or Sell. Obviously the easiest thing to do is donate anything you don’t want to move. Simply go room to room, closet by closet, drawer by drawer and make three piles: Keep, Donate and Trash.

  1. Garage Sale. If you want to try to get cash for things you won’t be moving? Have a sale! If you are having a garage sale, that will require some work on your part: moving things to the garage, pricing them, and advertising. Schedule the garage sale date and make sure you have completed the house clean out and pricing well in advance of the sale. Local papers usually have a garage sale section you can advertise in if you like or just putting up signs in your neighborhood works great. Pick a nice sunny day and your in business.
  2. Estate sale: If you are selling all or most of your furniture items this is a good way to do it by allowing people to go through your house. We do recommend hiring a professional if your doing this type of sale. Estate sales are much more involved and it’s best to have a professional that does this all the time to handle it for you. Contact someone like Judy Johnson of Unexpected Treasures that deals wit this sort of thing every day. She can walk you through the process.
  3. Selling Online: If you have enough time, you can sell things online. Of course this option also requires posting your items on Craigslist or Ebay. If you don’t want to mess with mailing things to people Craigslist is your best option.
  4. Consignment: If you have furniture items that are in good shape you can take them to a consignment shop and they will sell them for you. Items have to be in good shape or be an antique that they can move quickly. There should be consignment stores near you. For a local option we recommend Home Consignment Center in Mountain View, CA.
  5. Donating or giving away: There are many worthy charities some pickup and others you need to drop off. And of course there is always Freecycle where you can post items for free.

Whichever option you choose, you will be able to do it better depending upon how much time you have before the move date. If you are pressed for time, get help!

Is your project too big or you don’t have the time? Consider hiring a professional organizer someone like Amanda of Kuzaks Closet can take care of it for you.


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