Specialty Wardrobe Boxes Preserve Your Clothes

When it comes time for moving, many people do not know where to pack clothes. Often times, they end up in a standard box or back. This will leave them wrinkled and they may be damaged too. Moving your clothes from closet to closet can be a breeze with specialty wardrobe boxes. Sturdy boxes should have built-in racks that will hold about two feet of clothes on hangers.

There are several advantages of using specialty wardrobe boxes including:

  • Wrinkle-free clothes
  • Pack and unpack clothes on hangers with little effort
  • Greater protection for expensive clothing such as suits and dresses

If you do not want to use specialty wardrobe boxes, alternatively, you can remove each clothing item from its hanger and carefully fold it into a box or suitcase lined with newspaper.

Moving Hats

The ideal way to move your hats is in their original box. If you still have them, you may be able to pack two hat boxes together in a larger moving box. You can also stuff each hat with crumpled newspaper and put them in a box, making sure to completely wrap each one with tissue. Boxes that contain hats should be packed with the heavier hats on the bottom of the box and the lighter hats at the top of the box. It is best not to pack anything other than hats in the boxes containing your hats. This will help to avoid damage.

Leathers and Furs

Because furs and leathers are highly sensitive to both temperature and moisture, we recommend that you keep these items with you. It is best to avoid transporting them with the rest of your belongings. This applies to expensive leather shoes, purses, and other fur and leather items you may have.

Packing Your Kitchen for Moving

Packing your kitchen dishes and stemware properly for moving is essential to making sure everything gets to the final destination without casualties. Packing & moving is stressful and everyone always worries about packing properly.  Following our instructions you can be sure everything gets to the other end without any damage.  The key to successful packing is PAPER. You want to use lots of paper to wrap the dishes and glasses.

Supplies Needed:

  • Newspaper or Newsprint
  • Boxes (dish packs are thicker and sturdier for packing breakables)
  • Tape
  • Marker

Tips for packing:

  • First place a table pad or cardboard box on your table to protect the table from scratching
  • Then gather up all your supplies
  • Lay out a stack of paper (you can use newspaper but the ink can be messy, newsprint is cleaner)
  • Set the items to be packed on the table so you can reach them easily and don’t have to walk back and forth to the cupboards
  • After you have a box built crumble some paper in the bottom of the box (dish packs are best for breakables because the box is thicker and more sturdy)
  • Then starting with your plates you can begin wrapping your breakables and placing them in the box TIP: Plates are strongest when stood on end and not laying down
  • Put a couple sheets of paper in between each layer as you are packing
  • The top row of your box you can put lighter items such as stemware or tuperware
  • Place a few sheets of paper on the top and close the box
  • Always remember to label the top and sides of all your boxes
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Moving Tips: How To Pack Wine for Moving

Moving Tip: If you’re moving locally in San Jose you don’t need a special wine box to pack wine when moving a short distance, just use a book box. The special boxes are expensive.

Moving tip: We do recommend special boxes if you are moving cross country. Those boxes have Styrofoam inserts to help protect against temperature changes when traveling cross country.Steps for Packing Wine for Moving :

  • Place crumbled paper on the bottom of a book box
  • Wrap each bottle in paper and lay them down in the box. The paper will help to keep them cool and create padding so the bottles do not break.
  • Leave a couple inches at the top of the box for more paper and seal your box.
  • Label the box on the top and sides “wine” so you can locate them easily at the new house.

Bonus moving tip: If you do not plan on unpacking the wine right away simply place the box(es) in a cool spot and they will be fine until you get around to unpacking.

Read more moving tipsHow to make a moving box, and Packing and Moving Food.

How to Make a Moving Box

Making a moving box is really pretty simple. Watch as we build a moving box and give you some tips to make packing easier.

  • Folding the top flaps down make it easier to pack. You don’t have to reach as far down into the box and you can clearly see where the top of the box is so you don’t over fill the box.
  • After your box is packed make sure to tape the top of your box, this makes stacking easier.
  • As soon as a box is packed tape it and label it, if you wait to label you will forget what is inside.

How to make a Moving Box

Packing Boxes

When packing boxes there are many different box sizes to choose from for packing up your home or apartment. Basic rule of thumb is: the heavier the item the smaller the box. You always want to choose the right size box for what it is you are packing. If for instance you pack books in a medium or large size box you will never be able to lift it. Keep in mind if you can’t lift it neither can the movers when the Moving Company comes to load your things. When packing also remember to fill boxes to the top, a full box is much sturdier than a partially filled box. You want to be able to stack boxes on top of each other and filling them to the top will make this much easier.

The following is a small guide to help you choose which size boxes you may need.

  • Book boxes (1.5 cu)  – heavier things like books, CD’s, records, canned food and toiletries
  • Medium (3.0cu) – bulkier items, pots-n-pans, tupperware, linens, toys, lampshades,
  • Large (4.5cu) – do NOT pack books or heavy items in this box, use for pillows,
  • blankets, kids toys and other bulky lightweight items
  • Dish or Mini-dish – glasses, plates, vases and other breakables

There are other boxes available like wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes (moving company will provide wardrobes at no cost for use on moving day), mirror boxes for paintings, lamp boxes & file boxes to name a few.


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