What to Expect When You Hire a Professional Moving Company

Moving can be an incredibly stressful time. Not only do you need to locate and finance your next home or apartment, but you will also need to move all your items when doing so. Moving is a lot more challenging than simply picking up your things and placing them in a car; many buildings have restrictions on when you can move, as an example, and if you are losing your apartment or home then you may need to relocate quickly and efficiently to avoid the challenge of living without the necessities in your new home.

Using a Moving Company

One way this process can be made easier is by hiring a professional moving company. Moving companies convey man benefits to those looking to move, supplying the manpower and equipment needed to hep you to relocate. They also carry insurance which can prevent you from significant damage to your possessions or to the home or apartment building that you are leaving behind.

How the Process of Using a Professional Moving Company Works

When you enter an agreement with a professional moving company you will agree on the terms and set a future date for your move. Some professional moving companies set premium prices for certain busy seasons or on weekends. The professional moving company will show up at t designated time and help to carry out the items that you need moved. In preparation of this move, you should have items neatly organized and boxed. Most professional moving companies won’t take your pictures off their spot on the wall or clean up your laundry to move it, so a degree of organization on your part is needed to make the move a smooth process.

Moving Large Items

Large furniture and items are often left in their raw and regular state and this is expected by movers. Movers will use mats and other protective items to help to cover and protect your mattress and upholstery from damage and will carry the items to the moving vehicle and unpack them in your new home or apartment. When they do so, it is a good idea to check their condition and to formally issue a complaint if there is an issue as to their condition.

Moving companies, therefore, provide a valuable service and their jobs are generally handled professionally and efficiently Consider using All Reasons Moving & Storage to ease your next move and save you the hassle and strain of doing it yourself.

Hiring Unlicensed Movers: Why You Shouldn’t Do It

If you’re looking for help with your upcoming move, you might have been shopping around for the most affordable moving services. During your search, you might have thought about hiring unlicensed movers. This can be tempting because it can often be a lot cheaper; plus, you might be thinking that you can help someone out who really needs the business and the money. However, it’s pretty much never a good idea to hire movers who aren’t licensed. These are a few reasons why. [Read more…]

Avoid Unlicensed Moving Companies

There are several sites that people often turn to when looking for one service or another. When it comes to moving companies there are numerous listed on sites like Yelp and Craigslist. The problem with these sites is that you never know what you are actually going to get. Anyone can list on these sites and many are not licensed. It is definitely in your best interests to avoid unlicensed moving companies.

When you deal with unlicensed moving companies, it means you are working with a business that is not monitored or regulated by the government. This should be a huge red flag because if they decide to take all of your belongings or take your money and never perform, you may just be out of luck. The regulating agencies will have no information on the unlicensed mover that took your money or your stuff, so they will not be able to provide much assistance.

Hiring a professional and licensed moving company may cost more than hiring an unlicensed moving company but there are many benefits to paying the higher cost. First, you will be dealing with a company that is accountable to state and local regulatory agencies. If something goes wrong, you have several options for resolving your dispute. You will also be dealing with a company that has proper insurance. Unlicensed moving companies will not be insured and this means that you could be liable if they are injured or cause property damage.

Do your research before hiring a moving company. Check out what other people are saying about them. Inquire about whether they are licensed or not and if they say they are, verify that with the California Public Utilities Commission.

All Reasons Moving & Storage is a licensed and fully insured professional moving service. We have many years of experience moving homes and offices of all sizes. We have worked hard to earn our reputation as a trustworthy moving company. Call us today for more information on our services.

Passage of AB 2118 Protects Consumers & Professional Moving Companies

We always try to provide up to date news relating to consumer protection when it comes to using moving companies. Sadly, there are still those who will take advantage of the unsuspecting consumer during an emotional and stressful time such as moving. There are so called “moving companies” out there that lure customers with enticingly low prices, only to hold their goods hostage for more money before delivery? And they are so rampant that it finally took a new law, Assembly Bill (AB) 2118 to counteract all the consumer fraud.

Professional movers are regulated by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC — in California the CPUC). According to their website, “The CPUC regulates privately owned electric, natural gas, telecommunications, water, railroad, rail transit, and passenger transportation companies. The CPUC serves the public interest by protecting consumers and ensuring the provision of safe, reliable utility service and infrastructure at reasonable rates …. We regulate utility services, stimulate innovation, and promote competitive markets, where possible. ”

AB 2118 was sponsored by Assembly Member Betsy Butler (D-Los Angeles), and was begun with the California Moving & Storage Association. They agreed that something more was needed to protect the consumers. Basically, this bill updates the Household Goods Carriers Act by improving ways illegally operating moving companies can be prosecuted. It ensures that unpermitted movers are held to the same stringent standards as legally permitted movers.

Additionally, AB 2118 codifies how household goods are defined, and creates a new section that specifically addresses infractions of license, membership and location falsification. How can you find out more? The PUC is directed through this bill to create a “Know Your Rights” website that all professional moving companies can link to, to help ensure that there customers are fully informed.

The best way to find a reputable mover is to do your research. Look for members of national and local moving associations like CMSA or AMSA and consumer business bureaus such as BBB. CMSA and AMSA have also started a program of certifying legal licensed movers with the distinction of ProMover. Check the CMSA web site for a list of California ProMovers to ensure your move is in good hands. AND the biggest thing is NEVER be tempted by a cheap price.

Call All Reasons Moving at 408-240-0244 for a no-cost, no-obligation estimate for your moving needs.

Only Hire Legal Moving Company – Don’t get Ripped off!

California ProMoverWould you hire an unlicensed contractor to build your dream house? Would you let an unlicensed dentist work on your mouth? Would you invite someone into your home you don’t know, that doesn’t have a license, no insurance. Someone that is going to remove everything you own and drive away?

How often do you invite people you don’t know into your home? How many years have you worked to buy everything you own? What would it cost you if you had to replace it ALL? If you are not careful you could loose everything you own in one day! How much did you pay for your couch? I tell people all the time “do not cheap out when choosing a mover”.

I spend a lot of time talking about “how to choose a mover” and why not to hire an unlicensed moving company. We hear stories every day about consumers getting ripped off. Companies demanding more money at destination than the original agreed upon amount. Damage to belongings, items missing and worse case scenario the unlicensed mover that loads everything up and takes off never to be seen again.

The way they lure you in is by quoting cheap prices. If the price seems unrealistic this should be your first warning. Legitimate companies have overhead and if the prices seem to low you can be guaranteed that company is not paying workers comp, general liability or cargo insurance.

Don’t fall victim to one of these Rogue Movers. We have to stop these ruthless heartless thieves. The best way to stop them is to STOP USING THEM and report companies to the PUC that you discover are operating without a license.

Now to make things even worse it isn’t just unlicensed movers that are the problem. The PUC shuts down moving companies for violations every day. Their license gets revoked but they either keep working anyway OR re-open under a different name. While you are on the PUC web site checking license numbers look to see how long they’ve been in business. You should pick a company that has been around for a while.

What does it mean to hire an unlicensed moving company? Aren’t all moving companies the same?

  • All Moving Companies are NOT the same.
  • If you hire an unlicensed mover and your items get damaged you will not be able to recover anything for your loss
  • Items could be stolen and again you cannot recover
  • They lure you in with a cheap rate then charge for “extra’s”. In the end the move costs more than if you’d have gone with the higher hourly rate mover.
  • These companies are typically only around for a few months then they shut down, change their name and re-open. Usually in the few months they were open they accumulated bad reviews on-line but they don’t care they change name and consumers have no idea.
  • These companies hire day labor. Inexperienced people off the street to work with them. No background check means ex-cons and criminals in a lot of cases.

Tips on how not to get ripped off:

  • Research companies well in advance of your moving date. Schedule a time to have a representative from the moving company come out to your home. A legitimate company will provide you with a written not to exceed price. If they aren’t willing to give you a written estimate don’t use them (time permitting of course).
  • Never book a company based on an on-line quote. The web can be a great resource and good place to start but just because a company looks legitimate and has a pretty web site does not mean they are a company at all.
  • You want to deal directly with the moving company you are booking.
  • Do not book through a Broker which is what most of these on-line companies are, they sell the job to anyone willing to pay them.
  • Check the license number on the PUC web site. Make sure the license is valid and the name matches what they gave you. If the name on the license s not the same as their web site or estimate paperwork contact the PUC immediately. The license number must match the name they are using. If the name doesn’t match it could be a Rogue Company using someone else’s number.
  • Make sure they have insurance on file with the PUC. As a consumer you can also ask for a copy of their certificates the name of the company is at the top. It’s also okay to call the company and verify the certificate is indeed authentic.
  • What year were they established if it was within a few months or even a year it could very well be one of these companies that got shut down changed their name and is back to rip people off again. In this economy there aren’t a lot of moving companies opening up and you want experience anyway. There are plenty of legal licensed experienced companies out there.
  • Go on-line and enter the moving company name check reviews on BBB, yelp and other review sites it may surprise you what you find. Do they have a web site? Do they have a physical address?
  • Ask friends who they’ve used and if they were happy. BUT always check license numbers and reviews even if you got a referral. Just because your friend used someone doesn’t mean they checked.  I hear of people referring unlicensed movers all the time.
  • Choose a moving company that is a California ProMover. This could save you lots of time. These companies are certified and have been pre screened for consumer protection. These companies that are Certified ProMovers are all licensed, insured and have excellent reputations in the industry.
  • Sites such as movers.com do not have trucks of their own. They are brokers that take your name and information and sell them to companies willing to pay. Always book directly with the moving company not through a broker.

Bottom Line: 

  • Do your research.
  • NEVER book solely on Price!
  • Do not book a mover just from the web
  • Only use a company that is well established legal and licensed.

Moving Company Has Service Options

Moving TruckWhen planning a move you must first decide if you are going to do it yourself or hire a moving company. If you decide to hire a moving company there are different levels of service they can provide and with most levels there are things you can do to keep the cost down. So whether you want someone to move it all or just move a few pieces the moving company can customize the move to fit your needs.
FULL SERVICE: The moving company can pack, move and unpack everything and you don’t have to do anything. You don’t even have to be home.
MOVE FURNITURE & BOXES: You pack everything and the moving company moves the furniture and the boxes.  Being packed and ready to go will help the move go faster if you are still packing when they arrive it will slow the process down. Also, if you are packing yourself remember everything should be in a sealed box this includes; lamps, mirrors, pictures and plants. For packing tips check out our video: Packing Your Kitchen for Moving

MOVE FURNITURE AND BOXES “BUT” you want to take some smaller items over ahead of time:
If this is the case our recommendation to cut the moving time down is to take over plants, pictures, lamps and lampshades. It will cut more time down taking one lamp than it would by taking three boxes. Plants for example don’t stack and take up a lot of room in the truck. Taking over these odd shaped items will cut down time for the moving company.

MOVE FURNITURE ONLY: You pack and move all the boxes yourself. The mover will disassemble and reassemble all furniture blanket wrap, transport and reinstall everything. If you are doing this option make sure everything is out of the movers way. The tops of furniture pieces are completely cleared off, shelves are empty and nothing is in the pathway for walking in and out. They cannot take a bookshelf if it is still full of books and if they have to move boxes and stuff out of the way to get to the furniture this slows down the process.

The first thing we tell everyone no matter which option you choose is to first concentrate on the packing. The biggest time and cost saver is to have everything packed and ready to go when the Moving Company arrives. Once you’ve gotten ALL the packing done then you can start taking smaller items over if you have time. We find that customers get ahead of their selves and start taking small items over before they are done packing. We get that you may be excited about your new place and can’t wait to move some things in but concentrate on the preparation and your move will go quickly and smoothly.

To help you stay on track with your next move check out our Moving Checklist.


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