Thanksgiving Moving Tips: What to Do If You’re Moving During Turkey Day

Moving can be a hassle anytime of the year, but having to move during the holiday season can be especially difficult. When you have to balance the responsibilities of moving with the festivities of Christmas and Thanksgiving, you can find yourself overwhelmed before you know it. Therefore, it is very important that you know how to successfully handle moving during Thanksgiving prior to attempting a move around Turkey Day.

Tips for Moving During Thanksgiving

If you are moving during Thanksgiving, here are few tips to help make your holiday move smooth and enjoyable:

  • Don’t ignore the holiday. Instead, embrace it. Share in holiday cheer with your movers by including them in your celebration. Have snacks and other refreshments for you, your family and your movers, including hot cider, hot tea and cookies. If you have kids, let them put Thanksgiving decorations on your moving boxes.
  • Schedule around the festivities. If you and your family are into football, have a football handy to throw around during moving breaks. Keep a radio and/or TV hooked up so that you can keep track of the football games. If possible, maybe schedule a lunch or brunch break so that you can watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
  • Have your Turkey Day dinner plans set well ahead of time. If you are moving within your same metropolitan area and have friends or family who can host Thanksgiving dinner, then make plans with them. If you are moving to a new city and know friends and family there, see if they would be able to host Thanksgiving dinner. If you do not have friends or family available to host dinner, set aside everything you need for a picnic dinner and when time comes, set up a picnic dinner in your new place and celebrate Thanksgiving there.

Whether you are a homeowner, renter or business, All Reasons Moving & Storage is dedicated to helping make your move smooth and cost-efficient. Since 1991, All Reasons Moving & Storage has been providing high quality moving and storage services to individuals, families and businesses in San Jose, California. Call us today for a free quote.

How to Make Your Move More Eco-Friendly

Many home buyers want to have the eco-friendliest move as possible. Making your moving process more sustainable doesn’t require extra effort; it just takes awareness knowing the simple ways you can change your moving method.

Reuse Materials and Recycle on Your Way

Your first instinct when you start packing your things is to buy cardboard boxes to store and transport everything, but this is something you might want to reconsider. Cardboard isn’t always the greenest form of material to use, and you have to be mindful of buying 100% recyclable cardboard, which can be more expensive. Instead, use the containers you already have in your house, such as suitcases, plastic bins, reusable grocery bags, and other pieces of luggage. Collect all of these items and fill them up before resorting to buying new cardboard boxes. This will not only make your moving process more environmentally-friendly, but it will also save you money.

Sell What You Don’t Need

In the beginning of your moving process, combine all your belongings together that you no longer use or need on a regular basis. You could consider selling them, in a garage sale or through an online site, or donate them to a local nonprofit organization. Decreasing the amount of possessions you have before you move will mean less things to pack, less gas for your trip, and less packing materials used.

Purchase Recyclable Materials

The least you can do for your moving trip is to buy supplies that are biodegradable and recyclable. This includes recyclable cardboard, biodegradable packing peanuts (instead of Styrofoam) and packing paper.

Our movers at All Reasons Moving & Storage will help you through your entire moving process, including providing the most quality supplies and efficient materials. Contact us today to get started.

Hiring Unlicensed Movers: Why You Shouldn’t Do It

If you’re looking for help with your upcoming move, you might have been shopping around for the most affordable moving services. During your search, you might have thought about hiring unlicensed movers. This can be tempting because it can often be a lot cheaper; plus, you might be thinking that you can help someone out who really needs the business and the money. However, it’s pretty much never a good idea to hire movers who aren’t licensed. These are a few reasons why. [Read more…]

Tips for Packing Glass and Other Fragile Materials

One of the more stressful tasks to take on during a move is packing up all that glass, fine china, and other fragile goods. Some opt to use bubble wrap and heavy boxes, others newspaper and crates. Whatever packaging material you decide to use, check out these tips to up your glass packing game.

Use Appropriate Packing Material

Don’t store fragile items with heavy or blocky items. During the move, large items can shift and shatter light, delicate glasses or crack the plastic on fragile electronics. Store your glass together and don’t be afraid to use multiple boxes full of packing material. There are various types of packing material:

  • Newspaper: Readily available, recyclable and biodegradable. Newspaper can be used to wrap glass plates and bowls, or to stuff inside delicate vases and cups. Make sure all the glass is covered and use excess newspaper to fill empty spaces in the box. Newspaper isn’t the best packing material for electronics.
  • Bubble wrap: While not biodegradable, this light-weight, flexible plastic can also be used to wrap electronics outside of glass. You can also ball it up and stuff it in empty spots to provide more cushioning and support.
  • Packing Peanuts: Usually made of Styrofoam, packing peanuts are not eco-friendly and a bit messy, but can help fill up empty spots in boxes more so than other packaging materials. Use these to add cushioning and fill the box rather than engulf your items with just these entirely. If you’re worried about the environment, consider biodegradable starch peanuts instead.

You’re not restricted to just one of these, so use a combination to minimize the chance of glass or fragile items breaking.

Prepare Against Inclement Weather

If you’re moving during winter, keep in mind that cold temperatures can cause glass to become brittle. You’ll want to pack a little more thoroughly or use more packing supplies to ensure the safety of your products. For rainy weather, make sure your packing supplies don’t get wet. Bubble wrap and Styrofoam peanuts will be all right. Newspaper and biodegradable starch peanuts will not fare well in wet conditions and could fall apart, resulting in loss of cushioning for your glass items.

Also keep in mind the road conditions during the move. If there has been heavy snow, consider how the moving van may brake or turn in these conditions. Slippery roads could encourage the truck and its items to slide or bump around. When packing up the moving van, make sure your glass is secured with no heavy items on top and make sure it is unable to slide or fall during the move.

What’s in the Box Matters

If you can, try to use cardboard wine cases to move your glass. The divided sections within the box are made to provide support to glass items so use this to your advantage. Other boxes to consider are thicker walled or heavier bottomed boxes. In addition to thicker walls, these can also provide support and minimize tipping during the move. When packing your box, put non-fragile items on the bottom and pack your glass on top. Make sure your glass is packed together but don’t overpack! Leave some space at the top so you can fill it with some more helpful packing materials.

If you’re unsure whether your glass is safe, check out our post featuring some of the packaging material we offer our customers. If you’ve still go questions, give All Reasons Moving a call. Our experienced workers can help you figure out what packing materials are best for your move.

5 Tips for Moving in Winter Weather

Moving to your new home can be a pretty stressful situation to deal with. Add icy or wintry weather to the mix and you’ve got a disaster waiting to happen. Many homeowners don’t stop to consider that inclement weather can easily slow down the moving process or even halt it altogether. As we get deeper and deeper into winter, homeowners should be more aware now of their surroundings than any other time of year. Here are some tips to keep you on track and prepare against the snow.

  1. Check the Weather: Being aware of the changing weather can really help during your move. The use of a weather app can come handy when you’re checking the weather once a week before the move and then every day during the move.
  2. Get Updates on Your Local Traffic News: Be aware of any road closures that may occur on your route. Be prepared to reach out to your moving company and don’t be afraid to express your concerns if there will be a delay in your move.
  3. Double-pack/Double-wrap Electronics and Fragile Items: The cold weather is not favored by electronics and glass items can get brittle in low temperatures. Double-pack electronics and keep them in a warmer environment such as secured in the cabin of the car. As for glass, double-wrap or add more packaging material to the moving boxes to better protect the items.
  4. Get Winter Essentials Ready: Extra towels, clothing, blankets, and even spare boots are essential for winter moves. Keep these items in your car so you can easily reach them to warm up. Once those winter essentials are packed, why not prepare some warm meals or drinks to add to the coziness of your drive?
  5. Keep Calm and Stay Flexible: Even if you feel you’ve prepared for the worst, anything can happen during winter weather. A sudden freeze could bring your entire move to a halt and in extreme cases, you may have to bunk down and wait out the storm. In these cases, keep the line of communication between yourself and your movers open. This way everyone is aware of the situation and what must be done once the worst has passed. Try your best to keep calm if your move is delayed and keep in mind that your safety comes before the move.

Don’t think you have to shoulder the entire weight of responsibility during your move. Always consider reaching out to your moving professionals. All Reasons Moving & Storage is dedicated to helping make your move smooth and cost-efficient. Since 1991, All Reasons Moving & Storage has been providing high quality moving and storage services to individuals, families and businesses in San Jose, California. Call us today for a free quote.

Home Security


Home Security

In a previous blog “Home Moving Security”, we gave you tips on securing your garage, during a move. This article will focus on some easy, inexpensive ways to secure your home. Before moving into your new home you should do a walk around and take notes. You can also check with your local police department. Some offer home inspections and advice on securing your home.

Over 60 percent of burglars enter a home through a door, according to security experts. Walk around the home and take notes. See the home through thieves’ eyes. Burglars aim for easy access, a covered or obstructed view of their target, and a quick escape route. Are there any large shrubs, a tree, fence or wall that obscures a doorway or window? Is a wall or tree easily scaled, allowing a thief access to a window or backyard? While many of us cherish privacy, be careful that you don’t set yourself up as a target. Trim shrubs or bushes, put bells on side fences, and minimize ways that thieves can access your backyard, windows and doors.

The best deterrent is a home alarm system, which have a wide range of options and prices. From a professionally monitored center to do-it-yourself kits, find one that works for you and prominently post the signs provided with the system. Statistically, most thieves will walk right by a property with an alarm sign posted. They want easy and quiet.

Are the windows and doors firmly set in their frames? Are you able to lock them from the inside? If there are large  sliding glass windows or doors, install a bar along the bottom inside track of the frame to prevent opening. Are there deadbolts on all solid doors. Outdoor lighting can be easily swapped out for motion sensor lights.

A dog is a great deterrent. If you don’t have a dog, display a “Beware of Dog” sign anyway. A perpetrator will just as soon heed this warning than actually take the time to make sure the sign is correct. You can even purchase a motion sensor with barking dog, check out Electronic Secure Dog.
Be secure, don’t be a victim!


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