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Home SecurityWhile packing and getting ready for your home move you need to think about where to put all those boxes and how to keep things safe. In a perfect world, theft, burglary and taking things that don’t belong to us would never happen. Sadly, however, stealing does happen, and people use tough economic times as an excuse to cross the line.  More and more people are finding themselves victims of break ins. Especially at a vulnerable time such as during a move, it pays to be prepared and vigilant.

Prevention is your best defense. This article will focus on garage safety, since if you are moving your home you are likely to begin stacking boxes and valuables in your garage.

Did you know that there are videos on YouTube, which show how burglars can open an electric garage door in less than 10 seconds without breaking anything? There are inexpensive deterrent devices you can buy online to prevent this. Check out The Garage Shield for more information.

Think about it: if you were a thief, wouldn’t you rather simply walk away with a couple of packed boxes, rather than juggle a bunch of separate bulky items?

It is difficult, but up until the actual moving day, try to never let it look like you are moving. If your garage is attached to your home, keep the garage door closed. As you are packing move packed boxes into the garage for storage. If your garage is detached, it is not always practical to keep the door lowered as you move boxes back and forth. If possible, use the side door, or obscure the activity in your garage by parking cars in front of the garage.

As a general rule, keep your garage door lowered whenever possible, even when you are home. If you have a garage side door, be sure it has a deadbolt, and keep it locked when not in use. If there are decorative glass panes at the top of your garage door, or a window on the side of the garage, cover them with paper from inside.

You won’t be able to completely hide the fact that you are packing to move your home and storing items in your garage, especially from someone who is intent on looking, but your vigilant behavior will be a deterrent. Try to change your routine, install motion sensor lights over the garage, a barking dog is always a good deterrent. You can install inexpensive motion detectors which can be purchased at your local Lowes.

With a few simple precautions, your garage can be a safe storage area until moving day.  If you are moving things to your new home ahead of time. Remember to secure that garage and house, no one is living there yet which makes it an easy target for someone to enter during the night and take everything you just moved over.

What is a Home Estate Sale?

Estate Sale

Estate Sale Items

We ran an article last week about Unexpected Treasures. Judy Johnson is in the business of Home Estate Sales and Liquidation. For those of you that may not know exactly what a home estate sale is or how an estate sale works here are a few tips and questions to help you better understand and how to prepare for your own estate sale for your home (provided by Judy Johnson of Unexpected Treasures).

What is an Estate Sale?
– An estate sales is a public or private sale of the contents of a home, held inside the house itself.

What do you need to prepare ahead of time to have an Estate Sale?
– If you are hiring an Estate Sale expert such as Unexpected Treasures your only job – albeit a challenging one – is to decide what you want to keep and removed it from the house before she sale. Leave everything else behind.

Can you do an Estate Sale on your own?
– You can do an estate sale yourself but the advantage to hiring a professional is you get their vast knowledge about appraisals and what is valuable and what is not. What will sell and what you should get rid of ahead of time. You also get their mailing list of collectors and dealers that attend these events regularly. You stand a much better chance of selling everything and getting the best price the larger your audience.

What is considered valuable for an Estate Sale?
– Values of the items constantly change depending on what local buyers are willing to pay for something at any given time. In addition to fine art and antiques, collectors and buyers are looking for almost everything that is in good condition. Some of the more popular purchases are sterling silver, costume jewelry, tools, kitchen items, linens, books military and scouting things, fishing, golf gear, furniture and garden items. There are often other items which are not as obvious such as postcards and other paper items, mid-century decor from the 1930’s to 1970’s, dolls and toys.

Who attends Estate Sales?
– Buyers at Estate Sales include local collectors, antique dealers, residents in the area and people who enjoy looking at treasures.

What is the most important thing to keep in mind when preparing for an Estate Sale?
– Do not throw anything away! One person’s junk is another persons treasure. Let the person handling the estate sale evaluate everything before you throw anything out.

If you are considering an estate sale for yourself, parent or other family member that may be needing assistance consider hiring a professional such as Unexpected Treasures. For more tips on estate sales an liquidation check out estate sale tips.

Moving? Measure the Rooms

When moving you want to plan ahead as much as possible. Measuring your new space is a great idea if you think there may be any issues with furniture pieces. Draw up a floor plan of the new home. The floor plan doesn’t have to be perfect just sketch it out and draw in your basic pieces. Even if you are moving to a bigger home, the rooms may be set up differently than where you currently live. It’s a good idea to measure the larger pieces to make sure they are going to fit where you have in mind.

We recently moved a client that had a large sectional sofa and when we got to the new home it was too large for the family room. We ended up taking it to donation. Had they known ahead of time they could have put it on Craigslist or another site and possibly gotten a few dollars for it. On moving day they were just happy we could haul it away for them.

Moving day can be stressful and trying to decide furniture placement while the movers are standing in front of you can add to your stress level. A little planning ahead can save you time, money and sanity.

How to Make a Moving Box

Making a moving box is really pretty simple. Watch as we build a moving box and give you some tips to make packing easier.

  • Folding the top flaps down make it easier to pack. You don’t have to reach as far down into the box and you can clearly see where the top of the box is so you don’t over fill the box.
  • After your box is packed make sure to tape the top of your box, this makes stacking easier.
  • As soon as a box is packed tape it and label it, if you wait to label you will forget what is inside.

How to make a Moving Box

Preparing Kids for Moving

Do a Countdown
A good way to do this is to mark on the calendar the big day and X out each day till Moving Day.

Tell a Story
Books are a good way to start a conversation with your kids. Pick a book to read to your kids and then talk about it. There are several books for kids about Moving.
Here are a few that can be easily purchased on Amazon;
We’re Moving by Heather Maisner
The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day by Stan & Jan Berenstain
Moving House (Usborne First Experiences) by Anne Civardi.

Personalize Boxes
Have your kids make labels for their own boxes and “stuff”. This can be a fun project and will help them to identify what is theirs when you get to the new house.

Being upfront with your kids about the move. Involving them as much as possible will make the transition easier and fun for them.

Holiday Alert! Storage Containers Not Safe!

Doing a project on your home and need to remove the furniture?

A lot of people look to companies that deliver storage containers to your home. These companies advertise that the containers can be left on-site during the project.

Beware! This is not safe! If there is a container in a driveway a thief knows it’s full of  “stuff”.  We are hearing more and more reports of containers getting broken into and everything of value being removed. This type of crime is on the rise and we expect to see more of these containers getting broke into over the Holiday Season.

Our advice is to either keep your items in the house by moving furniture to rooms not being touched during the remodel OR remove everything completely to an off-site storage.

The service All Reasons Moving provides is: we come to your home disassemble the furniture, blanket wrap everything, load and bring it back to our climate controlled secured storage facility. After your project is done you make one phone call and everything is returned.

You’ve worked hard for your “stuff”.  Keep it safe!

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