Packing your Computer for Moving

If you are worried about safely packing & moving your computer, laptop or tower to your new home, relax. Your fragile computer equipment will arrive intact without you having to bring it in your car. This is great news, especially if you are not able to take them on your person. Original packing material is […]

Packing & Storing Holiday Decorations

The Holiday Season is here and people are starting to think about bringing out Holiday Decorations. Packing and storing all your decorations can be a daunting task. In California there aren’t many musty attics storing holiday decorations in homes, but many of us have dusty, cobwebbed garages or storage sheds outside. While some people look […]

Home Moving Security

While packing and getting ready for your home move you need to think about where to put all those boxes and how to keep things safe. In a perfect world, theft, burglary and taking things that don’t belong to us would never happen. Sadly, however, stealing does happen, and people use tough economic times as […]

Packing Your Kitchen for Moving

Packing your kitchen dishes and stemware properly for moving is essential to making sure everything gets to the final destination without casualties. Packing & moving is stressful and everyone always worries about packing properly.  Following our instructions you can be sure everything gets to the other end without any damage.  The key to successful packing […]

Packing for Moving

Customers often ask when they are packing for moving can they can pack themselves and how the liability works when you’ve hired a Moving Company. Of course you can pack yourself. This is considered PBO (Packed by Owner) just be aware that if something inside the box breaks the mover is not responsible for the […]

Moving Tips: How To Pack Wine for Moving

Moving Tip: If you’re moving locally in San Jose you don’t need a special wine box to pack wine when moving a short distance, just use a book box. The special boxes are expensive. Moving tip: We do recommend special boxes if you are moving cross country. Those boxes have Styrofoam inserts to help protect against […]


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