Home Moving Tips – Trash, Donate or Sell?

DonationWhether hiring a professional moving company or inviting friends and family to help with your move, there are some things that only you can do before anyone arrives to help. Because what you are moving belongs to you, only you are qualified to make the decisions needed about what to move. Begin with the end in mind and consider these options:

Donate or Sell. Obviously the easiest thing to do is donate anything you don’t want to move. Simply go room to room, closet by closet, drawer by drawer and make three piles: Keep, Donate and Trash.

  1. Garage Sale. If you want to try to get cash for things you won’t be moving? Have a sale! If you are having a garage sale, that will require some work on your part: moving things to the garage, pricing them, and advertising. Schedule the garage sale date and make sure you have completed the house clean out and pricing well in advance of the sale. Local papers usually have a garage sale section you can advertise in if you like or just putting up signs in your neighborhood works great. Pick a nice sunny day and your in business.
  2. Estate sale: If you are selling all or most of your furniture items this is a good way to do it by allowing people to go through your house. We do recommend hiring a professional if your doing this type of sale. Estate sales are much more involved and it’s best to have a professional that does this all the time to handle it for you. Contact someone like Judy Johnson of Unexpected Treasures that deals wit this sort of thing every day. She can walk you through the process.
  3. Selling Online: If you have enough time, you can sell things online. Of course this option also requires posting your items on Craigslist or Ebay. If you don’t want to mess with mailing things to people Craigslist is your best option.
  4. Consignment: If you have furniture items that are in good shape you can take them to a consignment shop and they will sell them for you. Items have to be in good shape or be an antique that they can move quickly. There should be consignment stores near you. For a local option we recommend Home Consignment Center in Mountain View, CA.
  5. Donating or giving away: There are many worthy charities some pickup and others you need to drop off. And of course there is always Freecycle where you can post items for free.

Whichever option you choose, you will be able to do it better depending upon how much time you have before the move date. If you are pressed for time, get help!

Is your project too big or you don’t have the time? Consider hiring a professional organizer someone like Amanda of Kuzaks Closet can take care of it for you.

Choosing a Real Estate Agent

For SaleAre you thinking about selling your home and moving? A myriad of decisions and activities kick into gear once you decide to sell and move. What personal belongings do you keep donate or sell? What is needed to make your home sale-ready? These and many other details are critical. Perhaps one of the most important early decisions is: How do I choose the right Realtor to help sell my home and purchase a new home. If your moving to a different state or city this could be two different Realtors.

Referrals are often the very first way any important decision is made when if comes to hiring real a Real Estate Agent as well as other service professionals you will be needing during this process. But if you need to shop around, what to finding the right agent is knowing the key information to gather when interviewing a real estate professional? You should interview at least two or three agents to find the perfect fit for you and you should never feel bad about interviewing several different agents they too are interviewing you to make sure you are a good fit for them.

Dawn Thomas, Broker at Intero Real Estate Services  has posted on her website SiliconValleyandBeyond
12 Questions To Ask a Listing Agent. Negotiating price—representing a client’s best outcome—is certainly a critical skill, but what if you are in a hurry? How the Realtor markets your property becomes vital. Is s/he savvy about the power of Internet marketing? Do sales statistics bear out his/her success? Dawn’s “inside the industry” knowledge, revealed through eye-opening questions, illuminates what distinguishes agents who go above and beyond minimum training. You can also learn how to assess an agent’s experience in the field, which is what makes the difference in closing deals advantageously.

Don’t forget to inquire about an agent’s knowledge of a specific area. If moving to an active retirement community is your goal, then an expert in that area of interest would benefit you. Carla Griffin,  Broker with B&A Realtors works with buyers  at The Villages Golf and Country Club in San Jose, check out her article Top Reasons to Live in an Active Adult Community.

So, armed with knowledge and a great Realtor, we hope your home sells quickly at top dollar!

What is a Home Estate Sale?

Estate Sale

Estate Sale Items

We ran an article last week about Unexpected Treasures. Judy Johnson is in the business of Home Estate Sales and Liquidation. For those of you that may not know exactly what a home estate sale is or how an estate sale works here are a few tips and questions to help you better understand and how to prepare for your own estate sale for your home (provided by Judy Johnson of Unexpected Treasures).

What is an Estate Sale?
– An estate sales is a public or private sale of the contents of a home, held inside the house itself.

What do you need to prepare ahead of time to have an Estate Sale?
– If you are hiring an Estate Sale expert such as Unexpected Treasures your only job – albeit a challenging one – is to decide what you want to keep and removed it from the house before she sale. Leave everything else behind.

Can you do an Estate Sale on your own?
– You can do an estate sale yourself but the advantage to hiring a professional is you get their vast knowledge about appraisals and what is valuable and what is not. What will sell and what you should get rid of ahead of time. You also get their mailing list of collectors and dealers that attend these events regularly. You stand a much better chance of selling everything and getting the best price the larger your audience.

What is considered valuable for an Estate Sale?
– Values of the items constantly change depending on what local buyers are willing to pay for something at any given time. In addition to fine art and antiques, collectors and buyers are looking for almost everything that is in good condition. Some of the more popular purchases are sterling silver, costume jewelry, tools, kitchen items, linens, books military and scouting things, fishing, golf gear, furniture and garden items. There are often other items which are not as obvious such as postcards and other paper items, mid-century decor from the 1930’s to 1970’s, dolls and toys.

Who attends Estate Sales?
– Buyers at Estate Sales include local collectors, antique dealers, residents in the area and people who enjoy looking at treasures.

What is the most important thing to keep in mind when preparing for an Estate Sale?
– Do not throw anything away! One person’s junk is another persons treasure. Let the person handling the estate sale evaluate everything before you throw anything out.

If you are considering an estate sale for yourself, parent or other family member that may be needing assistance consider hiring a professional such as Unexpected Treasures. For more tips on estate sales an liquidation check out estate sale tips.

Home Estate Sales & Liquidation

Having been in the Moving & Storage Industry for 20 years All Reasons Moving has had the pleasure of working with many different professionals. Some have been good and some not so good. Therefore, we have built a nice list of companies we trust and refer regularly to our clients. The list consists of companies we know have integrity and offer quality service.

All Reasons Moving will be starting a weekly series highlighting a different vendor and introducing their services to you. We hope you enjoy this little series and like meeting the people we have on our team.

Unexpected Treasures: Judy Johnson
Category: Home Estate Sale/Clearance, Liquidation & Appraisals

Unexpected Treasures

Judy Johnson

Unexpected Treasures is a great help to seniors or families who are going through the estate liquidation process. Judy Johnson is the Owner and oversees each project from start to finish. Judy and her team work directly with family members, estate executors and/or trustees to ensure items are distributed to their correct heirs. They can handle everything from appraisals, estate sale, working with the moving company, house cleaners and other services as needed to ensure the estate is cleared.

Judy has been involved with estate sales and custom liquidation for over a decade. Her skill as a professional organizer and project manager enhanced by her background in historical research and antiques gives her the perfect skill set for this type of profession.

Judy is easy to work with and always a delight to be around. Patience is something that is required when dealing with downsizing and liquidation of personal belongings. People have sentimental attachment to their belongings and Judy understands and works with this daily.

All Reasons Moving highly recommends Judy Johnson of Unexpected Treasures.


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