All Reasons Moving Celebrates 25 Years in Business

Bay Area-Based Moving Company Offers Worldwide Residential and Business Relocations

San Jose, CA (June 1, 2016) – All Reasons Moving & Storage, a San Jose-based moving company, is celebrated 25 years in business. The company has been serving the Bay Area since 1991 and, as a Certified California ProMover, is recognized as an industry leader, along with belonging to the exclusive club of successful California businesses owned and operated by women.

When Kim Tucker, All Reasons Moving’s founder, first launched the company, she worked on the front lines of each move – driving trucks and moving furniture – to ensure each job was completed with integrity and speed. In an industry with a typically high turnover rate, All Reasons Moving’s continued success over the past 25 years is due to an outstanding team of well-trained, long-term professionals.

“I’m thrilled to be celebrating 25 years serving customers in the San Francisco Bay Area, California and worldwide,” said Tucker. “Our company would not be where it is today without their support, and the hard work and dedication of our amazing employees. I look forward to many more fruitful years in business and thousands more residential and business moves around the world.”

One of the first in California to receive the designation of Certified California ProMover by the California Moving & Storage Association (CMSA) and the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA), All Reasons Moving was recognized for their commitment to professional, ethical business practices and quality customer service.

Over the last 25 years, All Reasons Moving has grown into a thriving family operation, and Tucker says she couldn’t have taken the company where it is today without the support of family members. Tucker’s daughter, Jessica Martinez, is the office manager and son Josh Hufana is the Operations & Warehouse Manager; her husband Tom Brown is an estimator and her son-in-law James Martinez is their salesman.

About All Reasons Moving & Storage

Recognized as a leader in the moving and storage industry, All Reasons Moving provides high quality relocation at the hands of well-trained, long-term professionals. In fact, that’s part of what sets All Reasons Moving apart: the majority of their movers are employees, and several are family members! No job is ever too big or too small, and they give every customer the same individualized attention for a totally customized experience. For more information, visit

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Home Maintenance Tips for Winter Allergies

Most of us think of summertime as the season for allergies. In this latest installment of our Home Maintenance series, we have advice on reducing dust, molds, pollens and other microscopic airborne particles that wreak havoc with sinuses during winter. Windy days bring their share of dust, and it is a big job to keep on top of it, especially if your family suffers from allergies or weak sinuses.

Drink Water.

The very first thing you can do for yourself to combat the ill effects of winter allergy symptoms is to drink lots of water. If you tip down three large glasses of water first thing in the morning, you might be surprised at how much that helps alleviate allergy symptoms, completely naturally. Although the thought of pounding that much water first thing might not seem too appealing, it can’t hurt, and you may be pleasantly surprised by the results.
Now back to the remedies requiring sheer elbow-grease!

Home Maintenance for Floors, Baseboards and Molding.

Take a stiff-bristle broom and sweep everything before vacuuming, even rugs where hair and dander can get trapped. Vacuum the floors, and with the brush attachment, vacuum all the baseboards and hard to reach floor areas. Fill a bucket with warm water and vinegar or floor cleaner, and using rubber gloves and a sponge wipe all the baseboards and walls. Squeeze out the sponge until practically dry and wipe down all pictures on the wall to get rid of dust and fly droppings.

Air Purifiers and Filters.

If you live in a particularly dusty or dry area, then cleaning out air filters and purifiers should be on your home maintenance list. At least twice a year call in professional cleaners to vacuum them out. Professional HVAC maintenance personnel will also recommend the proper filtration system for your home, based on square footage, number of pets and children, and proximity to dust creating environments, like highways, construction, etc.

Other Filters.

Consider investing in a vacuum with a series of filters for maximum trapping and dust containment. You can also keep windows closed and run a home purifier continuously.


The funny thing about windows is that you never notice them until they’re dirty! Keep windows sparkling by cleaning them on the inside, and spray television dust repellant on the glass. This home maintenance tip pays dividends as it creates a slick surface that dust won’t cling to. If you have a lot of window blinds you want to treat, you can mix a batch of your own DIY dust repellent. How cool is that?

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Moving Efficiently with your Family, Friends or Pros – Part Two

Moving Efficiently: Tips for Organizing a Move

Welcome to Part II of Moving Efficiently. A little bit of pre-planning will help you organize your move. Whether family, friends, or hired moving professionals, no one wants to waste his or her time. It may sound a little self-serving to say “get the most from your helpers.” The truth is that people who help you will be happier when your  pre-planning saves them time and frustration.

People want to feel needed. They want to know that their time spent has made a difference. So do yourself and your helpers a favor by planning ahead for moving.

Last time we recommended assigning people to manage the specific tasks, including team leads who are responsible for supplies and food. This time we focus on how to stage work so that when help arrives, they can carry out their focused tasks quickly and efficiently.

1. What you must do first.

By now you’ve already decided whether you will have (or have had) a garage sale. There should be no trash in any closet or drawer. If there are items not moving with you, get them out of the way. The goal is to have your  helpers focus on packing anything they see. It’s a time waster if something gets packed when it shouldn’t.  And vice versa.

2. Have supplies at the ready.

By this point, you’ve assigned the task of purchasing moving supplies. On move day, their job is to make sure that every room is equipped with enough boxes, paper, tape and markers. That way an entire room can be packed quickly and efficiently. It’s frustrating for your moving helpers to have to rummage and search for scissors, a misplaced Sharpie marker, or run out of moving boxes.

3. Stage the work.

Direct your assistants where to focus. We recommend packing the least needed items first, and the most needed items last. This serves two purposes:

  • You will have access to your more needed items for the longest time, and
  • Your most needed items will be packed onto the moving truck last and will be unloaded first.

Label drawers or closet shelves so that people will know where to focus on packing first. When everyone knows their assignments, you’ll find the work gets done faster and you’ll save energy. You’ll need it… for when you unpack!

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Moving Efficiently with Family, Friends & Pros – Part One

Tips for Organizing and Moving Efficiently

Moving a home can be very stressful. Whether you’re organizing a team of family members or if you’ve hired pros like us, a move takes coordination. Chances are you won’t be performing every moving task on your own. You’ll be assigning tasks to your moving team. Many of us are not familiar with project or task management. Here are some tips to help you make your move more efficient.

Assign Team Leaders to Manage Certain Areas.

Even children can be responsible for some jobs. Moving can be a traumatic process. Making them feel part of the team can help. A huge time-waster is people standing around not sure how they can help. Or worse, having multiple movers doing a task that should only take one person.

Make a list of jobs and who is responsible. Then, tape it in a prominent place so your moving team can refer to it without having to bother you, the move manager.

1. Supplies Manager.

Not being able to quickly and easily find supplies is one of the biggest time wasters during a move. Several days or a week prior to move day assign someone purchase needed supplies. We recommend having these moving supplies on hand:

  • scissors
  • box cutters
  • strong tape and dispensers
  • Sharpie pens or other permanent markers
  • disposable cameras
  • extra moving boxes

Add anything to this list you think you might need and make sure you have enough. We recommend setting up a supply area in each room. That way each moving helper can manage himself.

If you don’t hire professional movers to supply wrapping paper and other moving supplies, you will need to use one of our handy charts to determine how many of which kind of boxes and how much paper you will need.

2. Food & Water Manager.

Moving is an extremely labor-intensive, tiring… okay, an exhausting job. Not only are you using your body intensively, often mental fatigue accompanies moving as you sift through precious belongings, making myriad decisions about them moment by moment. You need to keep up your and your team’s strength, and most importantly, stay hydrated. Assign one person (who can drive) to be responsible for maintaining a food and hydration table in a centrally located place. This person can also arrange for lunches and dinners between packing duties.

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Home Maintenance: Painting Accent Tips

Home maintenance doesn’t just mean repairs. Sometimes we just need a change of pace, a refreshing pick-me-up. If remodeling or moving is out of the question, here are some tips for how to get a new bang out of familiar rooms for a fraction of the cost and with minimal time.

Painting Accents is Home Maintenance

In a previous post in our home maintenance series we discussed painting just one accent wall in a room. This quick, easy project can be done in a day! If you already love the paint colors in your room, try sprucing up one or all walls with these ideas.

  1. Faux painting. Using glaze paints, you can dab on layers of complementary colors with sponges or rags. This is an “adding” technique; there are also removing techniques, where you paint on a complementary color, then take some of it off by rolling old rags across the surface at random angles. Both techniques result in a marbled, faux effect that can be quite beautiful especially on an accent wall.
  2. Stenciling. Craft and hobby stores carry an assortment of stencils, stencil brushes and special stenciling paint. If you want a row of seashells as a wall border in the bathroom, or flowers around a window these are super fun do-it-yourself art projects. All you need is some masking tape to hold up the stencil while you dab in the paint.
  3. Stripes and masking. It’s easy to mask off lines, multiple lines at angles and straight-edged shapes for quick designs. Use masking tape and butcher paper to mask off the lines and shapes not to be painted.

TIP: When using masking tape, using the original (not the new) paint color and paint along the edge of the tape where the new color will meet it. No matter how hard you press, no masking tape is 100% seep-proof. By painting the original color along the edge of the tape, the original color will seep through a little. When you paint along the edge of the tape with the new color, the original paint will already have sealed off the tape edge, so the new color can’t creep underneath it.

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Home Maintenance: Clean Bedding for Better Health

Yes, All Reasons Moving is a home moving company, and we’re so much more! Because we care holistically for our customers — not only at point of move — we post regularly on home maintenance, inside and out. Tips include how minimizing clutter saves time and money, how managing the mechanics of your home — from window runners to kitchen disposals. These not only add to the enjoyment of your home while you’re still living in it, but will also help fetch top dollar upon selling, and keeping down moving costs!

With so much to gain, every small step taken to keep your home fresh, clean, safe and in good repair affects all of these positive outcomes. Renters and landlords also reap tremendous benefits from regular property maintenance.

Take Small Steps.

We steer off a yearly home maintenance calendar provided for us by Kelsey Lane, Realtor with Coldwell Banker, and there are lots of additional resources online and by specific retailers and manufacturers where you can find not only great tips on more detailed maintenance, but also product recommendations. This month’s focus is on linens and bedding.

Kill Dust Mites.

The main reason to deeply clean and air out bedding, whether on your bed or stored in the closet, is to kill dust mites, spores and other allergens. Dust mites are invisible to the human eye, and over time their minuscule droppings and body parts accumulate in the weave of mattresses and pillows, so much that in 10 years a mattress’s weight could literally double from the detritus. Mites feed off human skin shed during the night, and thrive in a moist, humid environment. Studies show that mite populations increase most during hot, humid months.

Wash Sheets and Pillowcases.

The most important thing you can do is wash sheets and pillow cases at least weekly either in very hot water (most home washers don’t get hot enough due to safety regulations), or with mite-killing detergent or additives. Once everything is washed, vacuum mattresses and pillows, then encase them in allergy-barrier casings to prevent mites from making a permanent home in your bed.

Other Home Maintenance Preventions.

Mites don’t only live in bedding, however. If you or family members suffer from extreme allergies, or wake up every morning with runny eyes and stuffy noses consider removing carpeting from the house, or at least from bedrooms, or install a HEPA filter. Pet hair and dander increase the presence of dust mites, pollens and other allergens. Your home maintenance routine should include regular vacuuming and deep carpet cleaning.

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