#2 Reason to Hire a Moving Company

picture-1Lost Your Friends Last Time You Moved?

If your friends are starting to avoid your calls maybe you move too much. Maybe your furniture is too heavy or it could be that your friends just don’t want to help. We’ve actually gotten phone calls from friends of people moving. They are willing to pay a moving company not to have to help their friend move again.

If you’ve got friends offering to help have them do some packing or help unpacking. Let the professional movers do the heavy lifting this way you know your household items will get there in one piece and your friends won’t start avoiding your phone calls. Friends offer because they want to be nice but don’t over use them or plan on using them for the less strenuous part of the move.

Do you have any friends that just move too often?

2 thoughts on “#2 Reason to Hire a Moving Company

  1. Too funny, Kim. I actually laughed out loud at the thought of friends offering to pay to move their friends so they wouldn’t have to help. Oh my goodness! Still chuckling . . .

  2. Thanks for reading the article. Best housewarming present ever. All your friends ship in and pay for the move. Who needs a plant? Buy them a move!

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