California Air Resources Board (CARB) Regulations

Heavy-Duty Diesel-Fueled Vehicle Emissions Regulation

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is currently formulating regulations that could affect the more than 1.5 million trucks and buses in use on California’s roads, highways and farms. This will include independent truck owners as well as City vehicles and equipment powered by diesel.

CARB is proposing this multi-billion dollar regulation during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. California truckers, construction companies and bus operators are struggling to make ends meet in the face of skyrocketing diesel prices, a massive economic slow down a freeze in the credit markets.

These regulations threaten to have a profound, negative impact on the economy. What CARB is proposing to adopt are the nation’s most stringent new emissions regulations that could also be the most costly and far reaching rule that business has yet to face.

Companies are being asked to dispose of equipment and assets before their useful life has been completed and purchase new equipment before it would otherwise be necessary. A combination of these proposed rules and the state of the economy have left the trade-in or resale value of this equipment worth pennies on the dollar.

Many industries covered by this rule have also been subject to other recent regulations, further burdening California’s industries under the weight of over regulation.

This rule applies to diesel engines and will require businesses to replace their most critical asset in just a few short years. And, if the rule goes into effect, the market will be flooded with “outdated” trucks greatly diminishing their ability to sell used equipment or recoup any resale value. What are we going to do with all these excess vehicles? It’s not helping the planet if all we are doing is sending them to other countries (ie., Mexico).

Truck owners want to work in good faith with the Board, the Legislature and the Administration to implement a regulation that will result in the cleanest on-road heavy-duty fleets in the world. Our goal is to come to consensus with CARB on a rule that cleans the air while also:

  • Keeping the maximum number of companies in business and workers employed;
  • Ensuring the business environment remains at its most competitive;
  • Holding increased costs to other businesses and consumers to a minimum.

My goal is to make people aware. This ruling is going to drive companies out of business as well as cost consumers more money in increased cost of goods along with increased city taxes.

Log on to Driving Toward a Cleaner California to learn more.

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Kim Tucker
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  1. Thank you for this courageous post, Kim. Most people are eager to do what they can to protect the environment, and in your article you highlight the importance and validity of being a conscious business owner, and responsible citizen. Too many people simply roll over and accept every “green ruling” without looking at the unintended economic consequences. It IS possible to be environmentally prudent and not shoot ourselves in the foot. If more regulators were business owners, perhaps they would help find common ground, instead of enacting mandates without looking at the big picture.

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