Home Moving Security

While packing and getting ready for your home move you need to think about where to put all those boxes and how to keep things safe. In a perfect world, theft, burglary and taking things that don’t belong to us would never happen. Sadly, however, stealing does happen, and people use tough economic times as […]

What is a Home Estate Sale?

We ran an article last week about Unexpected Treasures. Judy Johnson is in the business of Home Estate Sales and Liquidation. For those of you that may not know exactly what a home estate sale is or how an estate sale works here are a few tips and questions to help you better understand and […]

Moving? Measure the Rooms

When moving you want to plan ahead as much as possible. Measuring your new space is a great idea if you think there may be any issues with furniture pieces. Draw up a floor plan of the new home. The floor plan doesn’t have to be perfect just sketch it out and draw in your […]

How to Make a Moving Box

Making a moving box is really pretty simple. Watch as we build a moving box and give you some tips to make packing easier. Folding the top flaps down make it easier to pack. You don’t have to reach as far down into the box and you can clearly see where the top of the […]

Preparing Kids for Moving

Do a Countdown A good way to do this is to mark on the calendar the big day and X out each day till Moving Day. Tell a Story Books are a good way to start a conversation with your kids. Pick a book to read to your kids and then talk about it. There […]

Holiday Alert! Storage Containers Not Safe!

Doing a project on your home and need to remove the furniture? A lot of people look to companies that deliver storage containers to your home. These companies advertise that the containers can be left on-site during the project. Beware! This is not safe! If there is a container in a driveway a thief knows […]


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