Do I Tip the Movers in the Bay Area?

Movers in the Bay Area are commonly tipped. They worked hard for you. The amounts differ depending on the size and difficulty of the move as well as the efforts put forth by the movers.  When tipping you can compensate each mover separately or provide one lump sum to the Lead and he will divide it up between his helpers.

Beware! There are Moving Companies that have been known to demand a tip and even specify a specific amount saying it’s required. It is NOT mandatory to tip your movers in the Bay Area. Movers are like any other service industry, waiter/waitress, valet or bellman. Tipping comes down to a personal decision; the amount or even if you want to give anything is up to you.

When our guys receive a tip the amounts are all over the board and people are never sure how much they should give. I have seen everything from $10.00 per mover to $100.00 per mover, in the Bay Area.

Below is a chart that can be used as a guideline. If you think your movers went up and beyond what you expected I would give a little extra to show your appreciation but this chart is a good place to start.

Moving Hours/tip per mover

2-4 hrs $10 / mover
4-6 hrs $15 / mover
6-8 hrs $20 / mover
8-10 hrs $25 / mover
10-12 hrs $30 / mover

Now having said all that….. What our guys really appreciate is water and Gatorade during the move. Offering the guys something cold to drink shows you appreciate the work they are doing.

What have you done in the past for your movers?

9 thoughts on “Do I Tip the Movers in the Bay Area?

  1. Thanks for the “tips”! I especially like that you included a guide. Even when I want to tip someone I may not know how much. This is great information. Next time we move I will definitely stock up on the gatorade and water too!
    .-= Vicki´s last blog ..Inner Mean Girl Cleanse WK 5 =-.

  2. It’s always so amazing to me how people totally forget their manners when it comes to people in the service industry sometimes. You would think that one would not need to be reminded to offer people WORKING THEIR BUTTS off in your home or office some water or gatorade…. or maybe even some sandwiches or other snacks.

    Thanks for the tipping guidelines. With wait people, the percentage rates are pretty well established. Thanks for sharing these ideas for how to tip your movers. I am sure people just have no idea where to start.

  3. Thank you so much. This is great information. I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t even think about tipping movers. And I love to give tips. I’m glad I now know.

  4. What’s really funny is the first time I personally used a mover I was about 23 and I had no idea I was suppose to tip either. Years later I realized I should of and I felt really bad.

  5. Chrystal, what’s really bad is we’ve actually had people go pick up lunch for their selves, eat in front of the guys and not offer so much as a glass of water. Now that is what I’d call rude.

  6. Wow, Kim, I never knew. I have yet to use movers myself, but it is good to know. I’m a good tipper, and I would never want to miss that important recognition. Good to have those tipping guidelines too, so hard to decide the correct amount. I can’t imagine not offering drinks to the movers who are doing all that hard work! Thanks for the info!

  7. This is great information, so many people wonder how to tip and are too chicken to ask. Chrystal is so right, people don’t have much consideration for those who work in the service industry. Moving is a laboring task that takes a lot of brain power and muscle. If you ask me that deserves at tip!

  8. Good reminder ………fortunately I’ve not been faced with this in over 14 years 🙂 but the time will come and your chart is a big help. Thanks for the enlightenment!

  9. I think someone should come up with a answer key of when to tip and how much to tip. I was unaware that tipping movers was a common practice. I always tip people depending on how satisfied I am with the service, regardless of his/her trade, I once tried tipping my mail man! Unfortunately if you are like me, you rarely carry cash, that is why it is good to know before hand if a tip is expected. This is definitely good information. But I think the best “tip” of all this is to hire professional movers!

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