Moving Decorate Your New Entryway

Moving to a new home or apartment. If your new space has an entrance hall or foyer, make the most of it. First impressions count! Emphasize your style Here you can lay on the drama, or showcase your quirks. Paint the hall table a bright color and display your collection of cartoon art or elephants.

Bold Ideas

  • Paint stripes. Black and white is dramatic but sophisticated. Check out paint colors at Benjamin Moore or Kelly Moore Paints
  • Use turquoise paint and put up large mirrors, art or wall posters to fill up the space.
  • Cover the walls in a big bold print.

Some fun places for wallpaper are: JonathanAdler or Scandinavian Design Center

  • Fill a big container with flowers from the garden. Be creative when choosing the container. If you are into country decor, a large watering can will look charming.

What kind of statement will you make?

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