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Helpful Tips for Office Moves

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Preparing for an office move can be difficult and stressful, but if you follow these tips from All Reasons, your office move will go off without a hitch!

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Packing & moving for an office relocation can be stressful for everyone involved. All Reasons has put together some packing tips to help you organize, making your office relocation as stress-free as possible. Unless prior arrangements have been made, you need to be completely packed and ready to move when our trucks arrive. Packing while movers are loading slows the office relocation process down and is NOT advisable. Please let us know if you will not be finished packing prior to the movers arrive.

Your office relocation move will be handled efficiently if you carefully follow these instructions.

Items not packed will not be moved unless prior arrangements have been made. Therefore, it is expected that you will be completely packed and ready to move when the trucks arrive. If you find you are not going to be ready, let your move coordinator know right away.

Bookcases/Supply Cabinets: Contents must be removed.

Computers & Other Electronics: A special cart will be used to move your office equipment.

  • All computers must be shut down.
  • Unplug any cables/cords and neatly coil. Computers still on will not be moved.
  • Remember to label your hard drive, printer, and any other components.

Desks: Will most likely be turned on end, so please pack accordingly. Items on your desktop and in desk drawers should be packed into boxes and labeled with your assigned number.

Filing Cabinets: If in doubt, please contact the office to discuss your specific requirements.

  • 2-Drawer Lateral Files- can stay full
  • Fireproof Files- entire cabinet must be empty
  • Lateral & Vertical Files- entire cabinet must be empty  *NOTE manufacturer recommends filing cabinets be emptied prior to moving. Not only is the cabinet heavy for the movers but when you move them full the cabinet flexes and drawers may not open and close properly after the move.

Glass Tops: Place a label with your assigned number on the lower right-hand corner, and remove all papers from under the glass.

Floor Plan: Individual offices MUST have a floor plan for the new location. If there is no floor plan, the furniture will be placed where the movers choose. If rearrangement of furniture is needed, this will be done after the move is complete (time permitting) for an additional charge.

Labeling: Placement of furniture and boxes at the new location will be done by assigned number, not by name. Please label every item, and remember:

  • If an item must be dismantled to be moved, be sure to tag all parts.
  • Do not forget to tag your chair, carpet protector, wastebasket, etc.

Halogen Lamps: We cannot guarantee the safe delivery of your halogen lamp if the lamp and its shade are not in a box.

Lamps and Shades: All lamps and shades must be packed in a box.

Packing Containers: Label with MARKER (moving labels do not always stick to boxes). Label either end–NOT ON TOP. Containers must have lids and bottoms need to be taped. Containers are stacked when moved–DO NOT over pack. Flat tops on cartons will help speed up the move.

Particle Board Furniture: Furniture pieces that you purchased in a box and assembled in your office were shipped that way for a reason. Under most circumstances, they can be safely moved. However, All Reasons will not be responsible or held liable for damage in transit to particle board furniture of any kind.

Have other questions about your move? Don’t hesitate to call All Reasons Moving & Storage at (408) 240-0244 or fill out our online contact form!