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Valuation Options

When using a Professional Moving Company you will be asked to select the level of protection you want assigned to your belongings. You should read through these options and pick one that fits your needs prior to the moving company arriving. Check with your Insurance Agent to see what protection you might already have for the move and for storage if you will be storing your items for any length of time.

As a professional moving company, All Reasons Moving & Storage provides the following options to protect your belongings. Please note the minimums for each type of protection are listed, but you may purchase any increment of protection above the minimum.

The coverage specifically provides protection for your goods that are being moved while they are being handled and transported from origin to destination. Moving valuation does not cover any damages that occur before or after the handling and transportation or while the moving company has them in storage (additional protection can be purchased for stored items). Moving valuation is only good for one move and may not be extended to cover any additional moves.

The following summary describes the three types of valuation. For detailed information and Limitations on the Carrier’s Liability refer to the “Important Information for Persons Moving Household Goods” booklet that will be furnished to you on the day of your move or prior to move upon your request.

CARRIER’S LIABILITY PROTECTION: Automatically included in our moving rate is basic coverage. Basic coverage at sixty cents per pound per article ensures recovery at $0.60 multiplied by the weight of the item. There is no additional cost associated with this option.

ACTUAL CASH VALUE: This valuation ensures recovery at the depreciated amount of the item. There is an additional cost to this option.

FULL VALUE PROTECTION: This option ensures recovery at the full value of your item. The full value will pay for replacement or repair of the item which ever is less. There is an additional cost associated with this option.

Have questions about protecting your belongings during your move? Don’t hesitate to contact All Reasons Moving & Storage – we have the answers! (408) 240-0244.