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Moving Stories

10252246_sOver the years we have had many unusual and strange things happen I would like to share some of these stories with you over the next few days/weeks.  Some are funny and some just down right strange. The first is the story of “Lilly”

Go to a home and as the guys start taking furniture out the customers home the women says “watch out for Lilly”.  The guys are taking furniture out watching where they step thinking they are looking for a cat.

As they start moving the book case the women looks up and says “there she is”. The guys look up and see a Snake it’s a Boa Constrictor laying across the top and down the side of the bookcase.  You can only imagine the movers faces as they not only step back but jump back and the customer calmly says “he got out of his cage”.

No we do not move live animals.