On Line Reviews

There are many sites where consumers post reviews about companies.
Yelp, Google, Yahoo, AngiesList, AlikeList, YellowPages, Merchant Circle etc.
These reviews can be a helpful tool when picking a vendor.   BUT…   Beware!

Companies can easily have friends write reviews to increase their ranking.
Likewise, companies have been known to write bad reviews about their competition.

Both of these are unethical but unfortunately it is something that has been done.  These sites need to do more to verify information.  Business Owners have been complaining for years and many articles have been written about this trend. Yelp even had a class action Lawsuit filed against them. Check out yelplawsuit.com for more information.

The Better Business Bureau is the oldest review site around. Established in 1912, long before computers they were taking consumer complaints. With almost 100 years experience the BBB has established a system to ensure people are not making false allegations against a legitimate company. When a complaint is received the BBB verifies the information and contacts the company directly.

When you are selecting a vendor do your due diligence. Search the web, type in the company name and see what pops up. Read the reviews keeping in mind it is possible they could be skewed one way or the other. Don’t stop there, take another step. Check licensing, insurance and always check with the  BBB.

The following are some links you may find helpful when shopping for a Moving Company.

Better Business Bureau (BBB)
Public Utilities Commission (PUC)
California Moving & Storage Association (CMSA)