Packing & Moving Perishables

We get calls all the time asking what to do with food when moving. Yes, the refrigerator needs to be emptied. It will be tipped and everything inside will slide around and could break and or break the shelves. The refrigerator cannot be moved fully stocked.

When the movers arrive they will start loading the bedrooms first. While they are working on the rest of the house you can unload the refrigerator. Load condiments into book boxes and label “fridge”. The more perishable items can be put into an ice chest. The refrigerator and boxes containing food will be loaded onto the truck towards the end of the load so it is one of the first things off the truck and you can get your items put back in the refrigerator right away.

While we advise eating or throwing out things like ice cream that melts quickly. When moving locally the rest of the food items are typically fine during the short ride to get to your new home.

Moving is a great time to check the date on your condiments and throw out anything that has expired. How often do you check the dates on the items we tend to store in the fridge?

8 thoughts on “Packing & Moving Perishables

  1. Not only is it important to empty the fridge but I learned from my mom to pack a “first night” box and bring it with you in your own car. It has food, dishes, TP, light bulbs ~ the essentials to feed your family and take care of basics that first day. Even if the moving van is there, you don’t have to dig through the boxes in multiple rooms to find what you need. Love your tips Kim!

  2. Tamara, that is such good advise. I just told someone that today. Moving day you are already so exhausted you don’t want to have to be digging through boxes to find the TP. Your mom is a smart women! It’s a good idea also to pack an overnight bag with change of clothes, toothbrush just those personal things you will need the first night/morning.

  3. Wow – this is kinda a “two-fer,” as in 2 fer the price of 1. You pack up your fridge and dump stuff you don’t – won’t ever eat. I had bummer experience where I bought new fridge for appt I was in – moved to new appt – and fridge was two big. $300 down the train. Not great re-sale value in fridges. Loved fridge, while I had it though! Clyde,

  4. Clyde, you’d be amazed at how many people have to get rid of all kinds of furniture and appliances when they move. Couches that won’t fit in the new living room, refrigerators that are too big for the opening. People fall in love with a new place and forget to measure the staircase only to discover on moving day that the armoire won’t make the turn in the stairs. Can be a total bummer on moving day!

  5. Wow! Kim, this blog-a-log (like dialog, but on a blog – I just made that up!) gave me an idea – I really need a new filing cabinet for my home office. You mentioned that people who are moving often have to get rid of stuff. Please let me know if you hear of a nice filing cabinet in your daily work!
    I can add to your advice on moving refrigerators – do NOT try to do it yourself, especially a normal to large sized one. They are beastly, you can hurt yourself, and it is so easy to rip linoleum, carpet, or ding walls. Hire a professional like All Reasons Moving!

  6. Jeanine, they usually do okay as long as you move them properly. For example, laying them down in the back of a pickup truck is not the way to do it.

    Storing them for a long period of time is not usually recommended either it’s better to keep them plugged in on the lowest setting to keep the motor running.

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