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#1 Reason to Hire a Moving Company

moving boxes on a dollie


Don’t hurt your back!

The cost of hiring a Moving Company  is  small compared to the cost of hurting your back, missing work, going to the doctor or chiropractor. Professional movers are trained on how to lift properly  and have special equipment to make the job go smoother and easier.

Hiring a Moving Company can not only save you time but save your back. Even if you are using a Mover you will most likely be packing some of all of your boxes. The following are some tips on Proper Lift Procedures as a guide. Remember safety first and don’t do too much.

Proper Lifting Procedures:

Safety first

  • Lift close to your body
  • Feet shoulder width apart
  • Bend your knees and keep back straight
  • Tighten stomach muscles
  • Lift with your legs NOT your back
  • If you find yourself straining, get help
  • Do NOT twist when lifting

Knowing how to lift is helpful even if you are just moving boxes around the house while packing. Remember always use your legs not your back.

Have you ever been hurt while moving something heavy?